Four Themes in the Vitality Pillar:


1. Grit

2. Agency

3. Appreciating Your Body

4. Stewardship

Topics covered in this pillar:


  • What is vitality and why it is important for well-being.
  • The negative impacts of judgments about your body, numbing, or indifference to your health.
  • How to befriend your body. How to move through helplessness about improving your health and vitality.
  • Ways to improve nutrition, exercise, and sleep.
  • Considering how your lifestyle could be harming your body, and making realistic plans to change this.
  • Growing an embodied sense of grit, determination, patience, and distress tolerance.
  • The sympathetic nervous system (SNS). What is healthy passion. The key role of positive emotion during SNS activation.
  • Exploring and releasing unnecessary or harmful inhibitions on feeling energized, enthusiastic, and passionate.

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Creative Activities:

Making Things Happen
Nurturing the Body




Anat Baniel
Jan Hanson