Four Themes in the Service Pillar:


1. Giving and Receiving

2. Compassion and Equanimity

3. Opening into Everything

4. Values in Action

Topics covered in this pillar:


  • Why we evolved needs and desires to be generous and helpful to others.
  • The general principle of benevolence. Why service to others is worth doing in its own right – and why it is also service to oneself.
  • How to resource yourself so that you can feel compassionate and open to the sorrows of the world without being overwhelmed by them.
  • Recognizing interdependence; seeing how you affect others – even on the other side of the world – and they affect you.
  • Accepting and receiving the generosity of others.
  • Ways to put your values into action. The little actions that add up over time – and some big ones. Doing what you can, and accepting what you can’t.
  • How to sustain compassionate action without getting burned out.
  • Engaging life, including its challenges, on the basis of an increasingly unconditional internal sense of love.

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