Four Themes in the Self-Caring Pillar:


1. Befriending Yourself

2. Self-Compassion

3. Acceptance

4. Enjoying Life

Topics covered in this pillar:


  • How life course is shaped by challenges, vulnerabilities, and resources; why you can usually affect resources the most.
  • Resources are located in the world, the body, and the mind; why mental resources are often the easiest and quickest to develop.
  • Mental resources are inner strengths like gratitude, confidence, calm, self-acceptance, determination, compassion, assertiveness, and happiness.
  • Developing inner strengths – growing the good inside yourself – means using your mind to change your brain for the better.
  • The vital stance of being on your own side, a friend to yourself. Understanding why you matter. Self-compassion.
  • A preview of how to turn passing experiences into lasting inner strengths woven into your brain.
  • Finding more acceptance of things as they are, even if they’re not your preference. Accepting yourself. Telling the truth about how it is for you. Honoring your pain.
  • Opening to the longings in your heart. What do you wish was better in your life? What, if it were more present in your mind, would really help these days? How can you use this program to get more good stuff inside yourself?
  • Preview of the Foundations program.
  • What do you want to get out of this program? Setting intentions for it.

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