Four Themes in the Motivation Pillar:


1. Liking and Wanting

2. Healthy Passion

3. Inclining the Mind

4. Using Your Brakes

Topics covered in this pillar:


  • Deepening self-awareness of responses to disturbances in the satisfaction system, including loss, frustration, disappointment, drivenness, and addiction.
  • Why the mind is always looking for something new to want. “Delusional disappointment.”
  • Neural circuitry of liking and wanting. How to like things without tipping into problematic wanting.
  • Identifying, honoring, and supporting your own wholesome desires. How to pursue wholesome ends with wholesome means.
  • How to internalize actual or anticipated rewards to increase positive motivation.
  • Ways to strengthen impulse control.
  • How to experience the pleasant without “going red” into chasing it.
  • Enjoying the fullness of this moment.

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