Four Themes in the Gratitude Pillar:


1. Receiving the Gift

2. Taking Pleasure

3. Feeling Successful

4. Being Happy for Others

Topics covered in this pillar:


  • The two aspects of happiness: hedonia and eudaimonia.
  • Appreciating what one has. Developing habits of gratitude.
  • How to heighten sensory awareness.
  • Taking pleasure through seeing, hearing, tasting, touching, smelling, and imagining. Recognizing and releasing inhibitions on experiencing pleasure, gladness, and joy.
  • How to find beauty, and the beneficial effects.
  • Recognizing completions, goals attained, accomplishments. How to feel successful.
  • Feeling glad about the small things of everyday life.
  • How to internalize an increasingly unconditional sense of happiness, less and less dependent on external conditions.

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Creative Activities:

Receiving the Gift
Happiness for Others



Gretchen Rubin
Bob Emmons