Four Themes in the Aspiration Pillar:


1. Vision

2. Making Your Offering

3. Being Seen

4. Life Plan

Topics covered in this pillar:


  • Developing the capacity to aspire without attachment: to pursue your goals and dreams without getting driven about it, and without getting too disappointed if you don’t attain all of them.
  • Exploring the dreams you had for your life as a younger person, even as a child.
  • Positive possibility thinking. Seeing opportunities, even amidst risks.
  • Developing inner imagery, intuition, and creativity.
  • Identifying the intersection of what you are talented at, what you love doing, and what you value.
  • Finding the inner peace and freedom in offering your own contributions without getting too caught up in the reactions of others.
  • How to deal with fears of being seen, being successful, or being criticized.
  • Developing healthy self-discipline toward your goals. Feeling more confident in your capacity to do what it takes to accomplish things.
  • Clarifying your life purpose and priorities. Creating a realistic vision for your life.
  • Engaging life, including its challenges, on the basis of an increasingly unconditional internal sense of contentment.

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