Affiliate Application

Thank you for your interest in being an Affiliate of the Foundations of Well-Being program.

This program uses the power of positive neuroplasticity to hardwire more happiness, resilience, self-worth, love, and peace into your brain and your life.  It’s for the general public, with special benefits for coaches, counselors, educators, parents, healthcare professionals, and human resources trainers.

Our guiding principles are High Value, High Access. The Foundations program is jam-packed with inspiration, emotional support, fascinating ideas, and powerful tools – all available in an archive for access any time, including in audio-only formats for easy listening on the go.

The Foundations of Well-Being (FWB) typically costs between $420 and $570 (depending on whether someone chooses the discounted single payment, or the 10-payment plan). Affiliates receive a 33% commission on registrations that come through them. If you become an Affiliate, you’ll get a special link to use to tell people about the program. We’ll track registrations that come through your link and pay your commission quarterly. For example, if someone pays monthly, you will receive one-third of what we’ve received for the quarter.

Please take a moment to fill out the form below. If you’re approved, you can start telling others about the Foundations program—and benefit yourself as a result.

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